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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat Review

Hey Peeps! Today I am reviewing Sally Hansen's Big Matte Top Coat. There is nothing really bad to say about it. It looks great! I dries almost immediately and it lasts a long time. If you want a great looking, inexpensive, and efficient Matte Top Coat then this is the one to get!  


Monday, August 12, 2013

1 Year Anniversary for my Blog!!!!!

Hey Peeps!! Like always if you didn't read the title it has been a year since the day I made my blog! I can't believe it's been a year since my first post! So I thought it would be fun to do something else besides thanking everyone which of course I will do regardless. So I am going to list cool events that were on August 12th. 

Awesome Events that Happened on 8/12:

1996 - "Breakfast on Fox" premieres

2000 - The Oscar class submarine K-141 Kursk of the Russian Navy explodes and sinks in the Barents Sea during a military exercise.

1990 - The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex is discovered in Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota, It turns out to be one of the most complete skeletons of T-Rex ever found and is named after Sue Hendrickson, the paleontologist who found her. Sue ( T-Rex ) can now be seen at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois

1887 - The birth of Erwin Schrödinger!

2012 - The blog Rosabella Manderzan's Nails did there first post!  

So the other point of this post is to thank everyone who has been with me since the beginning, the people who just started looking at my blog, and everyone in between because with out you my blog would be nothing! I know I say this a lot but it true! I always appreciate very single view so don't forget to spread the word about my blog! Bye!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Black and White (with a hint of purple) Nails!!!!

Hey Peeps! Sorry about the title I honestly had no idea what to call this design. Also before I start talking about this design I wanted to ask a question. If you haven't noticed the resolution of this nail picture is different then my usual. That is because my IPod screen cracked and ever since that it stopped working so I decided to buy a tablet so I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I personally think it has better resolution than my IPod but I want your opinion. So moving on to the question. Do like my picture the old way or like this? Please tell me your opinion matters to me. So tell me in the "Contact Me" on the side. It is very easy all you have to is put your Name or a nickname, your email and your message and it will send it directly to my email. So moving on to the actual nail design. I actual kind of made this one up myself. It is actually very simple. So if you want and easy design that looks cool with any black and white design. So if you are unsteady with your other not writing hand this is for you. It does take about an hour to do but it is worth it! Also if you don't feel like you aren't able to do the ring finger design then your nail would look good with just the stripes on all of them. 

Colors Needed (For Stripes):
1. White (Base Brush)
2. Black (Design Brush)
Colors Needed (For Ring Finger Design):
1. Lavender (Base Brush)
2. White (Design Brush)
3. Black (Design Brush)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hey Peeps!! Sorry on how late this post is, I thought I did a post about my views already. I just realized I didn't. Moving on! If you didn't read the title I hit 4000 views! I honestly don't know how I hit 4000 views in under a year from my first post.
(My first post was on August 12, 2012) So if you don't know I usually do these kind of posts to thank thnk everyone so here it is. Thank you too everyone! To the people shared my blog to there friends to the people who just looked for a quick second. I know I say this a lot but my blog would be nothing with out you peeps! Some people think that one view doesn't matter but that's not me! It means a lot to me because it means that some one is reading and appreciating what I am reviewing or saying. If you still don't understand still then think of it like this, you are talking to your friend and your telling them or showing them something you made and they love it and praise you for making it. And you feel so happy because they loved it. So thats how I personally feel when I get a new view. So the point of this post is to tell you that every view matters to me! Before I end this post I want to say thanks again, so Thank You to everyone including you. For just taking the time to read this.  Bye! Have a great day! :]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Worth it or Trash it!

Today I will be reviewing Walmart. I checked on the Walmart website to refresh my knowledge of there prices. If you go to there websites you will see that there nail products are fairly prices. My personal rule is that if ANY nail product for example nail polish or nail polish removable is over $7.00-$8.00 it definitely not worth it. That rule is for basic nail polish things depends what kind of nail polish you are buying. Moving on to Walmart. When I said that they fairly price there nail merchandise I say that because the bad nail polishes are a lower price and the better brands are higher. What I also applaud Walmart for doing is that all of nail polishes and products I have seen don't break my personal rule. Some of them are at the edge of breaking my personal rule but most of them don't. Again this is just my opinion I suggest checking for yourself because you may have a lower personal range. Don't forget there is always at least one downside to everything in life. Walmart's downside is there pricing on there do yourself gels. If you check there website the do it your self get kit is $64.97. I promise you that is the original price not an estimate. I personally think it is cheaper to get it done at the nail salon! Maybe it isn't, again I am not positive but it might depend what nail salon you go to. So In all I think Walmart has a good selection of nail polishes and good pricing except for the gel do it yourself product. If you have a different opinion or if there is anything I missed please send me an email through the "Contact Me" shown on the side! Bye!

*Note: I am not getting paid by Walmart to do this review this  my own opinion on them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sparkly Nail Polish Review

This post basically reviews all nail polishes with sparkles in them not any certain brand names. I own a lot of these kind of nail polishes! So far my favorite out of all of them is one by Sally Hansen. It s called "Mermaid's Tail".  I like it because it isn't just clear nail polish with sparkles it is a nice blue nail polish with different kinds of sparkles in it. What I like about these kind f nail polishes is that they very easy to put on your nails. I also enjoy how you can wear them without a base coat. There is one thing I personally hate about these is that there such a pain to take off. I have to scrape them off my nails. But if you are in a rush to do your nails and you want a quick way to make your nails to look glamorous then use these kind of nail polishes.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Nail Tutorial!!

Hey Peeps! I just finished school two days ago so I am going to try to post as many nails or videos as I can! So this video is going to show you how to do a summer design that you will love! This video is also in Also on the subject of Youtube, I have a channel there so I would greatly appreciate if you subscribed to it. Also all of my tutorials will be posted on Youtube as well as my blog. If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns please tell me in the comments on my blog or on the video on Youtube.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hey peeps! Happy Mother's Day to all of those amazing mom's out there! I personally love my mom with my all heart she is always there for me and she is always helping me! Also don't forget to get something for your mother or grandma for Mother's Day because even though they might make us crazy sometimes they will always love us and be there for us so the least we could do for them is get them something to make them happy like a thoughtful card or anything! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shout Out #13!!!!!!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Nail Lingerie Review

Hey Peeps!! Today I am reviewing something called "nail lingerie" I know it is a weird name but it makes sense on why they would call it that. If you don't know what "nail lingerie" is then let me tell you, it it a sticker for your nail they have gold, silver, and black. They also sell all those with or without crystals. Last time I checked saw them selling them for limited time only keep in mind I saw that saw sign about in the middle of January in Walmart. So I am not sure if they sell them anymore but they do look for Christmas if you put them with the right colors. I have tried these before but I had a bad experience with it. What happened was that I finished doing my nails with them on and they looked very classy and nice but like most people after I finish doing my nails I put clear on it, to make them look nice and shiny and smooth but when I put it on the nail lingerie started peeling off as the clear was drying so I had to take off the nail lingerie and after that I had to redo my nails! So I personally had a bad experience with it but tell me if you ever used this product tell me did you have my experience or was your better than mine, you can email me at or leave a comment in the comment section below! Bye!